Tennessee Randall – Full Contact World Champion Seminar

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Following the success of the Elijah Everill Seminar, Team EPiC were lucky enough to attend a Zoom Training Seminar with Tennessee Randall.

Tennessee is a fantastic Tatami fighter, but in 2019 she also became WAKO Full Contact Champion, in the ring. She is a massive inspiration to all fighters, particularly those who are looking to progress into ring sports, and they do not come better than Tennessee.

She has a wealth of knowledge and experience and was able to pass this on to EPiC fighters in this great training session. An experienced coach, with her own club in Llanelli, she was able to pass on her vast Kickboxing expertise, to make sure that when competitions resume, Team EPiC will be performing at their best, on the mats and in the ring.

Many thanks to Tennessee.

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