Race Against Silent Darkness

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On the final Bank Holiday weekend of May 2023, Yate Head Coach Matt Roberts and a group of EPiC members embarked on one of the toughest fundraising events the club has ever seen.

Cameron Alderman, 11 years old, suffers from Norrie Disease, a very rare illness that meant he was born blind, and tragically he is now losing his hearing.

The challenge consisted of Matt, Cameron and his parents Carla and Adam and EPiC Portishead members Sam Sowden and Lee Evans, firstly climbing Ben Nevis, then Matt cycled back to the Bradley Stoke gym from Scotland, while Sam and Lee cycled the equivalent distance at Portishead EPiC.

Completing this challenge was a huge achievement and to date has raised over £12,000 for research into Norrie Disease. A massive well done to Matt, Carla, Adam, Cameron, Sam and Lee, everyone at EPiC is very proud of you.

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